Sabtu, 4 April 2009


In accounting or finance, there is no financial instrument or investment that can run away from risk. The forms of risks are varied- including political stability, inflation, deflation, economic turmoil, war, interest rates and many more. Some people argue that risk inherently exist in each instrument so it is impossible for you to remove it. We can control the risk, but we can't eliminate it. That's why every types of investment that we can see nowadays not able to put 100% guarantee on your return of investment. Specifically, the return of investment will be determined by many factors, so that the ultimate profit of the firms is virtually unknown.
Nevertheless, there is one verse in Al-Qur'an mentioned about the profitable investment that 100% guaranteed by Allah. Interestingly, this type of investment superseded other form of investment that can be found in this world since it was promoted by the most reliable underwriter in this world - Allah the Almighty.
Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang membaca kitab Allah, mendirikan sembahyang dan membelanjakan (dijalan kebaikan) sebahagian dari rezeki yang kami berikan kepada mereka, dengan diam-diam dan terang-terang, mereka itu mengharapkan perniagaan yang tidak pernah rugi”. (Fathir : 29)
It is astonishing isn't it? Amazing!

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